When you signed up for a Lenka's List Website, you will have received an email that had your login information for your account at this billing portal. We will use the email address, name and password you supplied to create a basic WordPress installation, with you as an administrative user.

Let's use a fictitious author, John Doe, who signs up for an author website at his new domain, authorjohn.com. When Lenka's List Web Services gets notified that payment has been received from John, and his hosting portal has been activated, along with his domain name, we will provision authorjohn.com with the latest version of WordPress.

We will run a daily complete back up of John's site in case of any kind of mishap. 

In order for John to get into the administration section of his website, he would type in the following address in any web browsers web address bar:


Once inside, John, who is satisfied that he can get into his website, decides to log off for now and come back later and experiment with the WordPress interface.

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